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Pretty Boy Floyd isn’t so pretty when you double cross him. According to recent reports, the champion boxer is being linked to the savage beating of two of his employees, who he claimed stole jewelery from him.

The employees allegedly met Floyd at an “off-site location” where people who were with the flamboyant athlete allegedly kidnapped then beat the unknown men with “various weapons, including clubs,” TMZ reports. The victims were hospitalized for days and suffered from broken limbs. They were nearly beaten to death.

This isn’t the professional fighter’s first offense. Mayweather has a history of criminal behavior. In 2002, he was charged with two counts of domestic violence and one count of misdemeanor battery. In 2004, he was convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery against two women. In 2010, his fiance Josie Harris, filed a domestic battery report against him and served 90 days in the county jail.

Mayweather clearly has a hand problem (outside of the ring). Female MMA artist Ronda Rousey, who is known for her critical armbar, called out Mayweather saying she can beat him in the ring. Rousey has been known to punish many of her opponents, can’t say we wouldn’t mind seeing her get revenge for all the women out there who Mayweather has assaulted.

As for Mayweather, he should probably lawyer up!


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