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Gary Owen was featured on Club Shay Shay and opened up about his personal life and divorce.
Owen revealed that he welcomed a set of twins earlier: “One’s white, one’s Black. One’s got blue eyes; the other one [has] brown eyes.”
He continued, “The twins are awesome. They’re in that idolizing dad phase.”
He added about being a father again, “That’s a layered question. Didn’t think I wanted to be a father again.”

Owens continued, “I didn’t do it wrong the first time. I was very conscious about how I spoke to them, how we disciplined them, I never put them down. I was the fun dad.”
He added, “It sucks too because my kids don’t know them. They don’t have a relationship with them. I don’t want them to meet when they’re four or five.”
How can a parent start to repair his or her relationship with an estranged child?