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On tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, we pick back up from Teairra Mari’s intervention. Moniece, AD, Fizz, Nia, Nikki, and Nia have a counselor come through to moderate the big discussion with TT about her alcohol problem. TT reacts exactly the way the counselor said she would. She gets livid and storms out. Moniece follows her and tells her she’s concerned about her drinking. Even a Love and Hip Hop Hollywood co-executive producer steps in and tells her that she’s also concerned. TT feels like this isn’t genuine, but eventually agrees to hear them out provided that Nia and Fizz leave (because she says she doesn’t even talk to them like that). TT has a melt down and goes off about how this is actually discouraging her from doing anything productiv in her life and the producer then goes off on her, mom-style, or along the lines of that infamous Tyra Banks spazz out.


You know it’s real(ish) when the producer is stepping in. Anyway, Teairra womans up, hears everyone out, admits that she might have a problem and agrees to go to rehab.  


Bridget Kelly is seemingly a serious new addition to the show. She brings a bit of a plot twist when it comes to her baggage. Not only is she getting her music back on track, but she has an ex, but kinda sorta boyfriend named James that she’s trying to work things out with because she was the serial cheater in the relationship.This is going to be interesting, though, James isn’t feeling the raunchy musical direction that Ray J wants Bridget to take. He’s triggered by her song called, “P–sy So Good,” because it makes him think about how many people Bridget cheated on him with because in his words, she cheated on him with, “Multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE” men.


Zellswag decides to have a #TeamAlexis party. 


And Misster Ray, Moniece just so happen to be at another event right next door. The latter two hear Lyrica performing at Zell’s party and head over there to see what’s up. Zell immediately starts acting extra petty and provokes Misster Ray into throwing a shoe at him (he missed, though). But eventually the rest of them start talking about who said what about whom and ponder why people have a problem with Alexis. Moniece actually apologizes to Lyrica for being rude to her. Alexis apologizes to Moniece for calling her a bish. Misster Ray apologizes to Alexis for being a jerk to her. But Misster Ray and Zell still just look at each other like: 


No dice for those two, but at least the party continues without incident.

Marcus is planning on taking Brooke out to get back in her good graces, but he meets up with A1 at a sneaker shop to reveal his plans. Then A1 says he ran into Brooke and Booby out and about, and, based off pure speculation, tells Marcus that they’re smashing. SPECULATION! Marcus believes this though, and later on, he runs up on Brooke and Booby, who are practicing their music for a showcase. Marcus demands to know what’s going on with the two of them because he heard a janky rumor that something was going on (you know how people get whenever a man and woman start hanging out). Brooke goes off on Marcus. She tells him that Booby ain’t got nothing to do with this, that she’s not even sleeping with him, etc. Basically, Brooke’s plan to torture Marcus is working, but this session is not productive. Brooke tells Marcus to go somewhere, and he does because he’s (allegedly) fed up with the drama that he brought on himself.

He’ll be back trying to get with her next week, though.


But it’s important to note that Brooke and Booby exchanged “I Love you’s” and a kiss before the scene was over.


Finally, the episode ends with Moniece, Misster Ray, Zell, and  Lyrica attempting to moderate a peace talk between Alexis and Masika, and it never fails that we all wonder when they’re going to figure out that these things never work. Anyway, Alexis actually wants to be mature and talk to Masika about their beef, but Masika gets pissed about being ambushed with Alexis, once again, and makes it clear to the people in the cheap seats that she doesn’t want to film with Alexis–not now, not ever. In fact, she lunges at Alexis in an attempt to throw hands. That gets broken up and then Zell activates and tries to attack Misster Ray, but only manages to accidentally knock Moniece over when security nabs him.


None of this is productive and we end the episode on that note. See you next week for another dose of Ratchet Reality Theater.


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