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In 2017, you can be vegan and gangster, thanks to good men like Waka Flocka.

The Atlanta ‘internet rapper’ came through to chat with Global Grind about that time he went vegan for two years. Now a pescatarian, he says switching up his eating habits not only changed his live, it “saved his life.” But he still gets excited when he talks about butter biscuits, fried chicken, and string beans.

Waka also gave us some insight into how he grew up. “My mother was—excuse me—that b*tch in the hood. And my pops was that n*gga. It was bound for them to happen. I know they loved each other,” he told us of his legendary mom, Ms. Debra Antney. Waka’s father has since passed, but he still has fond memories of his dear old dad. “I remember my pops,” he tells us. “Good guy. Always cleaned up. Always gave me applesauce. Only thing I can remember [is him] with apple sauce and a revolver. He always kept revolvers and always gave me applesauce.”

Below, Waka talks about his gangster upbringing, being “woke,” Gucci Mane (who he says he’s proud of), and all the new music he’s been dropping, with Flockaveli 2 due at the “top of the year.”

Waka Flocka Opens Up About Gucci Mane, Going Vegan, & His Childhood Full Of Applesauce & Revolvers  was originally published on globalgrind.com