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A rep for Charlie Murphy is steaming pissed at the Emmy folks for excluding the late actor/comedian in its “In Memoriam” segment. He says they have no excuse. None.

The rep is Domenick Nati. He says a producer for the Emmys reached out to him on August 18 asking for photos to include as part of the show’s “In Memoriam” segment. Naturally, Nati obliged and said the producer emailed him 6 days later, saying they could do a nice tribute with what he’d sent.

Imagine the outrage he felt when the tribute finally aired Sunday and it came and went without Charlie being mentioned! On top of that, Dick Gregory, Frank Vincent and Harry Dean Stanton were also somehow left out.

Here’s what Nati said in a statement to EURweb:

“I am very disappointed that Charlie was left out of the Primetime Emmy Awards last night. Charlie has millions of fans who were expecting him to be honored for his life and work in film and television and it never came. I hope the Emmy producers can find some way to still honor him with the photos I sent them.”

We can kinda understand Harry Dean Stanton being overlooked because he just died over the weekend. But all the others including Murphy and Dick Gregory, the Emmys has got some splainin’ ta do

On the other hand, Nati says a producer for the Creative Arts Emmys — which aired Saturday night on FXX — also reached out, and that program DID feature Charlie.

As far as Nati is concerned,  cutting out Charlie Murphy, who died in April, from the main broadcast … on network TV, where his fans were watching, was a big oversight.

So far no one’s heard a peep out of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a/k/a the Emmys regarding the situation.

source: TMZ


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Rep Says Charlie Murphy’s Omission From Emmy Tribute Was Inexcusable  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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