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Papa John's CEO John Schnatter

Source: WENN / WENN

Pizza giant Papa John’s will be going through a huge transition after the current CEO, John Schnatter (AKA Papa John himself) recently announced his decision to step down from his position come January 2018. As it is now public knowledge that the company is in need of a Chief Executive Officer to take over, there’s only one person who might be even more fit for the job, and he just so happens to match the branding of the company, too.

One person on Twitter recently suggested that Hip-Hop legend Lil Jon should take over as the CEO, which is only right since he is one of the other most famous Jo(h)n’s of the world. Devin Smith tweeted: “Now that Papa John isn’t the CEO at Papa John’s, I think the only valid choice for the next CEO is Lil Jon.” The Atlanta native took virtually no time to ecstatically reply to this smart suggestion, and if you can’t already tell, he’s pretty excited for the hypothetical opportunity.

Papa John’s also got in on the fun, and it seems like they’re in on the gag too. They replied to Lil Jon’s wishes to immediately start as CEO enthusiasitcally responding with one of his famous adlibs:

In all reality, this probably won’t actually happen, but it’s a fun idea to hypothesize. On the tail of a whole lot of recent criticism for the company, Lil Jon taking over might be the only way a lot of disgruntled customers will ever indulge in the pizza chain again.

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