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Christmastime is always perfect when it comes to getting adorable videos. Whether it’s something super heart-wrenching like capturing some intimate family moments or just those one-of-a-kind videos you only get when you’re around your whole clan, the content around the Holidays is worth waiting for year-round.

One video that has become notorious around the holidays is the cutest little toddler opening up his gift, which just happens to be a wrapped avocado. If you haven’t already seen it down your timeline, he’s extremely relatable to everyone who ahs ever had to act excited for a gift they weren’t really expecting.

That Vine has been a crowd favorite for years, and now it seems that little guy isn’t the only toddler who enjoys getting some fruit for Christmas. This video a Twitter user posted of his nephew opening a banana is just as cute, and he looks legitimately excited for his newest piece of fruit.

It doesn’t stop at just produce either, babies love all foods. This one toddler unwraps some Hawaiian rolls and his excitement is through the roof! Who can blame him though? I think we’d all be pretty ecstatic to be gifted some Hawaiian rolls…

Beside food, it’s pretty clear that a lot of babies are just happy to get any gifts at all on Christmas. Their pure little hearts are so joyous it teaches us how we should react whenever we get gifts. Here’s a bonus reaction from a heart-warming youngin’ who is the happiest camper over getting some underwear for Christmas. Enjoy!

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