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Boosie Badazz has had one hell of a life, but there’s one thing he hadn’t quite accomplished as simply as some may have thought. From years in jail to beating kidney cancer, there’s really nothing this man can’t get through….but that doesn’t mean that everything comes easily to the rapper. Ice skating might not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of an obstacle for something like Boosie, but the videos he bestowed upon us on IG made it clear that gliding along the frozen water was no easy feat.

On Wednesday, Boosie went to Instagram to share three adorable videos of him learning how to ice skate. In the first clip, Badazz grasps onto a plastic walker that he deems his “training wheels” as he takes his first couple of jabs at skating on the ice. By the time the following video rolls around, he’s mastered–well, somewhat–the skates as he takes on the ice all on his own while he proclaims, “I can do anything!”

The next clip is pretty similar to the previous one, though he’s doing even more flailing than the last time around with him trying to go a lot faster. It’s pretty clear that the rapper isn’t picking up his skills as quickly as he might like, but Boosie sticks with it either way, which makes for hilarious and endearing videos.

Shoutout to Boosie Badazz for embracing the family fun and giving us all a good laugh with these endearing videos. Go Boosie, go!

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