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Steve Bannon who used to work in the White House under Trump has recently came out with a book calling out Donald Trump, Donadl Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and other high profiled White House Staffers.

This book contains a lot of information concerning the inner workings of the White House which leads Russ Parr to believe that Trump better be careful. Parr talks with attorney and broadcaster Warren Ballentine to figure out what it’s all about.

“First thing, when Bannon talks about Don Jr. and Manafort and Kushner committing treason, now you got to remember he wasn’t even a part of the White House staff at this point,” explained Ballentine. “This is speculation, he doesn’t know what happened in that meeting, he doesn’t know if they took the Russians up to Trump.”

Even though he wasn’t there at the beginning of the administration, Ballentine believes Bannon holds a lot of power with this book.

“He knows where all the bones are buried, he knows what’s going on, he knows what’s happening,” explained Ballentine.

Listen above for the full interview.

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