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Dear Mr. Joyner,

My name is Joya and I’m 10 years-old.  I want to know if you can grant my mom an early Christmas wish please.

My mom is a single mother and she has been battling diabetes real bad.   In March, she was in the hospital for a week and lost her job.  My mom has not worked since then.  She has been trying to look for work and has gone on interviews—but nothing yet.

I have seen my mom just cry and try so hard to find a job and worry about how she will pay the bills. Last- but- not- least, she is trying to go back to school, but she is in need of a good laptop to finish college.  The one she has isn’t working and she doesn’t have money to get it fixed.  She is 2 classes shy of getting her AA (Associates) degree.

Mr. Joyner, can you please grant my mother a Christmas wish with a new laptop and help with the bills please— please?  I don’t like to see my mom like this.

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