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Tamron Hall is not here for the nonsense or conservatives trying to twist her words. She will clap all the way back.

This is the lesson conservative writer Jeryl Bier had to learn the hard way when he tried to come for the former TODAY Show host on Twitter for statements she said in a recent interview with “Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart.”

See, in her sit-down, Tamron spoke in detail about how she and her family are “unapologetically Black and supportive of our community, but also unapologetically American and supportive of this country and what we represent.”

“Some believe, if you are too pro-your-community, you’re anti-someone else’s. And we will shrink away from those conversations,” she told host Jonathan Capehart.

She added: “We want to be at the table because of our talent, because of our hard work. We never want to be at the table because we are Black. And so sometimes, we shrink away from those things that make us special because of who we are as Black people,” she added.

Now, for whatever reason, Bier, who writes for the Daily Standard, felt such a way about a Black person loving their Blackness during Black History Month, that he shed a lot white tears about it on Twitter.

“Remind me why ‘Unapologetically Black’ is OK?,” he tweeted.

No worries, got Ms. Hall got him nicely reminded him to stop cherry picking sound bites and actually listen to the entire interview first before opening his mouth.

“Remind me why it bothers you?” Hall replied.

“Never mind you opted to Jedi mind-trick the rest of my sentence, hoping it would vanish. I also said ‘unapologetically American’ But I can guess why you didn’t see it. Enjoy the interview in full.”

Soon after, Bier tried to issue a correction:

All of which, Tamron politely declined:

And when Bier continued on trying to defend his stance saying it wouldn’t be OK be “unapologetically white” and obnoxiously question why race matters, Tamron had to shut it all the way down:

Tamron’s fans weren’t having any of this either and chimed in:

Welp! This did not end well for him.

Hopefully next time, this Jerry character will think before he Tweets. Better yet, just keep Black women’s names out of his mentions.

BEAUTIES: How would you have dealt with his Tweet? Do you ignore trolls or engage them in conversation?


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