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Last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami ended on a low note. Remember, we witnessed Gunplay in the middle of a drug relapse. Tonight we start with Keyara with her girls Chinese Kitty and Chinese Nicky lamenting what happened. The Kitties actually give her good advice and Keyara says she’s not going to break up with him yet, but she refuses to see him and won’t try to work it out unless he makes it clear that he’s serious about getting clean.


JoJo is in some mess with her parents. Seriously. As you know, they’re getting a divorce, but now her mother’s lawyer served her legal papers. JoJo’s has to testify in court about her father’s finances or face legal repercussions if she doesn’t. JoJo calls her mom out on it and her mom basically says that this is what she has to do because her soon to be ex-hubby is threatening to leave her with nothing. Things get worse for JoJo when her father meets up with her, later on, to tell her that her brother also testified against him, and calls it the dumbest thing he has ever done. JoJo’s pops also reveals that he wants to leave his estate to her, only if she remains loyal to him. You know what that means, right? If JoJo testifies, she’s toast. She doesn’t tell her dad about what her mother did because…how can you in a situation like this? It’s really awkward. Plus, JoJo’s pops gives off cartel vibes, like Jorge Castillo from How to Get Away With Murder.

Baby Blue (from Pretty Ricky) and Shay made peace. They’re so cool that Blue asks her to model for a lingerie brand he’s helping to launch. It turns out that he does marketing and branding (something he started doing back when Pretty Ricky fell off), and that has worked out well for him. Shay is impressed by him and asks if he can help her launch her fitness business. He’s impressed with her at the shoot and agrees to work with her despite knowing that Pleasure P won’t like this. And then, Blue tries it. Like, TRIES IT. He a basically does the reality TV version of sliding in her DMs. Shay shuts him all the way down and let’s him know there will be no sex and no funny business, just legit business. The problem is, Blue plans to keep this a secret.


Gunplay heads to Atlanta and meets up with Rick Ross about label business, but also to tell him that he relapsed. Mind you, Gunplay recently beat a life sentence, so obviously, Ricky Rosay is disturbed. In short, Gunplay gets some sense talked into him and it seems like he’s ready to get back in the game and be sober.


Back to Shay and Blue. They meets up after Blue’s studio session (where he’s mixing and mastering some Pretty Ricky classics) to discuss Shay’s business. Pleasure P walks in because he was early for whatever session they had planned, and because you know what show this is. Let’s cut to the chase, this doesn’t go well at all. It ends with Shay walking out and P calling Blue thirsty. Blue emphasizes that it’s just business, but P says that their brotherhood is done. This wouldn’t be the first time, though.


Steph Lecor thinks it’s a cute idea to mediate a peace talk between Veronica Vega and Amara La Negra. So, Steph and Veronica pull up on Amara La Negra outside of a networking event Steph initiates the doomed talk. Veronica demands to know what Amara said to JoJo. Veronica knows what Amara said to JoJo because JoJo already told her, but whatever. Amara repeats what we already know and then Young Hollywood pulls up (he’s meeting up with Amara because you remember, they made peace). Now, Veronica gets pissed because she thinks this makes Amara look fake since she was beefing with Young Hollywood. Keep in mind that this is dumb because Amara and Veronica haven’t been talking so how would she know what has been going on? Also, since when is resolving drama with someone fake?


Anyway, Veronica , who was literally just saying that she’s in a more positive place earlier in the episode, starts going in on Amara, calling her fake, saying she wears a wig (Amara has admitted to wearing hair pieces and enhancements though) and it gets really ugly because Amara pops off right back. That good Love and Hip-Hop security breaks it up. But check this out, Young Hollywood then tries to calm Veronica down by telling her that she’s too cute for all of this and that Amara La Negra is jumping at her because she’s jealous and wants to make a scene and then blames Amara La Negra for making a scene at a networking event like Veronica didn’t just ambush her.


Yes, you read that correctly.

In conclusion, Young Hollywood is still trash and Veronica, who dyes her naturally dark hair blonde and runs around using the N-word, is still trash.


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