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Love and Hip-Hop New York Season 8 finally comes to a conclusion with the second part of the reunion special. Tonight’s episode starts with Snoop running up on Lames James R. Remember, he took shots at her sexuality, which could be a trigger. That is something that one might run up on someone for but in a twist of events, it turned out that Snoop was actually just bluffing. She pretended that she was going to run up on him but siiiiiike! She turned a messed up moment into something funny. Lames James R is still foul though.


Anais is a hot mess and will always be a hot mess. She even says that she is who she is and that’s what she’s always gonna be. She’s probably one of the least delusional people on the franchise.


And then, we get a surprise! There was archived footage of Mariahlynn and Safaree cupcaking in a hot tub! Yup. Remember when Mariahlynn told Dreamdoll that she was going to steal Safaree from her? Welp, she tried. They got steamy in the hot tub, but according to the guilty parties involved, it didn’t go beyond a kiss. Meanwhile, Dreamdoll couldn’t care less, she describes this as “Safaree being Safare” and JuJu claims that she couldn’t care less, but you can see in her face that she’s a little hurt. However, she also said this this is exactly why she can’t take Safaree seriously as a love interest.

And we had such high hopes for those two.


Finally, Bri clarifies the temper tantrum she threw when her verse wasn’t on the “Paradise”

remix. So, what had really happened was that Jaquae was doing the mixing. Jaquae said he never got Bri’s verse. Bri said she did send the verse so maybe it went to his spam box.

In hindsight, Bri realizes it was just miscommunication, but she thought she got played given that Kiyanne and Jaquae were a couple. Speaking of the latter, it seems like they’re still going hard in the paint. And that’s a wrap for season eight of Love and Hip-Hop New York.”

Hopefully, next season will be a little more interesting.


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