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Navigating the work force can be hard work, especially if you’re Black, a person of color, or apart of a marginalized community.

While some of us might have The Autobiography of Malcolm X on Kindle, all of us can’t fight the power like Colin Kaepernick.

There’s bills that need paying and let’s be real — some of us would lose our mind if we missed a Thursday night happy hour.

If you’re blessed with a job where you can be your full self, shout outs to you!

But if you go into work everyday making yourself smaller, I see you and I feel you.

We live in a world where a simple hair choice can cost you a position.


Not to mention, offhand ignorant comments can really get under your skin.


So this one’s for the folks out there having to navigate.

For the people who might be more M’Baku


But you have to have some form of diplomacy every now and then like T’Challa.


For the ones who want to tear sh*t up like Yoncé…


…but you have to be satisfied with the light shade of a Queen Bey.


Hopefully, you can find a career where you’ll be valued as your true self…


..and if not, seek out that community that will love all parts of you.


You’re worth it.


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