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Alabama Sheriff Uses Loophole To Pocket $750K Meant To Feed Inmates


Sheriff Todd Entrekin is has come under fire for allegedly pocketing more than $750K in money meant to feed county inmates.

After it was discovered that he and his wife bought a $740,000  four-bedroom home with swimming pool in Orange Beach, its been reported that the sheriff may own other properties that may be valued at $1.7 million.

Considering he has a salary of less than $100,000 many people in the town started to ask questions. . Ethics disclosure forms filed by the sheriff with the state revealed that he’s pocketed more than $750,000 of “compensation” over the last three years from a source he labeled on the forms “Food Provisions.”

Entrekin denied any wrong doing and  claims that he hasn’t done anything illegal and cites a law passed before WWII gives them permission to keep excess funds for themselves, as long as “adequate meals” are provided.

“In regards to feeding of inmates, we utilize a registered dietitian to ensure adequate meals are provided daily,” Entrekin claims.

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