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The crux of tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is about Estelita realizing she got got by Stevie J and wanting off his label, Danger Zone. We start with Mimi taking it upon herself to confront Stevie about his Stevie behavior on behalf of Estelita. We’ve long established that he preys on vulnerable women and doesn’t care when his behavior is hurtful. That point gets driven home more when he says they have to play by his rules. However, to be fair, wanting Estelita to be a better artist isn’t really hurtful, which is why Stevie has been saying that he’s not working with her as fast as she’d like. But sleeping with her wasn’t a good look. But that’s what Stevie does and anyone who falls for it by now is either desperate, delusional, a fool or all of the above.


Erica Mena and Estelita are palling around now that they’re back on good terms. First, they go to a vocal coaching session set up by Jazze Pha and they both sound terrible (both women can’t harmonize, can’t hear notes and are super flat). Thank goodness for technology. Auto-tune is not dead after all. Hear for yourself:

Then they decide to meet up with Spice since she’s a successful artist and the boss of her own musical destiny! Spice basically asks Estelita why she would sign such a shady contract (a five year contract in this digital age of 360 deals) with a proven shady man.

We all know the answer, though.



Plus, again, Stevie preys on vulnerable women.


And Estelita fits the bill. She had a rough life. It’s the usual messed up ish. She was a teen stripper who came to the US at 14 to escape sexual abuse. She’s the youngest of 20 siblings, she was raped by five men and says that her father sexually molested her as young as five-years-old, she tried to kill herself multiple times.


Her mom wasn’t there for her because she died of cancer. Spice makes it clear that she didn’t go through all of that just to have some man take advantage of her so and offers to get her hooked up with a good lawyer.

The episode hits a sad note too with Shooter’s son’s funeral. Sierra is still pissed off at Shooter with the news that he has a two-year-old, but she shows up for him after his 21-years-old son, Rod Jr, was shot (deep sigh). Sierra is crushed because the young man was like a son to her too. Since the murder, Shooter has been calling to check on how she has been doing but she hasn’t been able to really talk to him about how he’s doing because she’s still processing what happened herself, so talk of that two-year-old in question is off the table for now.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross put Stevie J on to Just Brittany, another singer. She’s signed to MMG, but she’s looking for management and seems to, unfortunately, think that Stevie could be the one. She’s actually talented btw, Stevie recognizes this and mentions that they’re also going to do some music together. So, here we are at Just Brittany and Stevie’s rehearsal. Stevie hopes that Brittany’s presence will urge Estelita to work on herself as an artist. Coincidentally (but not really), Estelita and Erica pull up, thinking they’re going to check out Stevie’s new studio, and that Estelita was going to drop the lawyer news on Stevie hoping he’d change his tune. When they saw what was going on inside, it obviously didn’t go well. You know these chicks meltdown at any inkling that there could possibly be another female artist in the same space.


We end up with Erica and Brittany going at it because Erica, you know, the “changed” woman, began trying to rip Brittany to shreds, talking about her looks, clothes, etc. Brittany didn’t back down, but Stevie shuts that verbal sparring session down, and Erica and Estelita leave. Estelita plans to move forward with getting out of the contract she never should have signed in the first place.

She’ll be fine. She’ll run into another color-struck producer/manager type who could care last that she’s a mediocre artist as long as she’s pretty, lightskinned and Latina. Hopefully, she doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of again.

Truth is, she probably needs therapy, and a voicebox transplant, first before thinking about pursuing a music career.

Let’s do this again next week, shall we?


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