The rumors are true: there will be a new Prince album this fall.

Troy Carter, who oversees the musical assets of the Prince estate, tells Variety that this collection of new material will be out September 28th on Warner Brothers.

The album will feature the first dozen or so previously unreleased songs from Prince’s famed Paisley Park vault. In the last year, the various tapes and computer drives were moved to a professional storage facility in California, where the entire archive is being digitized and restored.

Carter credits Prince for the way “he wrote down his thoughts and plans and how he ran his business, so he pretty much left a blueprint of how things should go. Listening to the music, the demos, seeing some of his notes and tape notes, you really get an idea of how his mind worked, and I’m honored to get a glimpse of his process.”

There is also video footage potentially to be released and “conversations” on projects, included a jukebox musical are underway. Carter added, “We’re looking at all options.”


  • Unreleased Prince music — that’s enough to make me want to skip summer!
  • It sounds like the estate will have “new” music to release for years to come.
  • Carter is a former Spotify executive. It’d be great if the new music is widely available for streaming.
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