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Relationships: Senior woman, family and friends cook in home kitchen.

Source: fstop123 / Getty

We are certainly living in troubled times when a 95-year old woman can’t put her own granddaughter in check without facing criminal consequences.


Hattie Reynolds told police that her 46-year-old granddaughter, Janeen Williams, was screaming and swearing at her and would not get out of bed or leave the home, so she slapped her with a shoe.

But once police arrived, they arrested Ms. Hattie on battery charges.


However, Daytona police say that the domestic violence law required the arrest — even though Williams didn’t want to press charges and Reynolds wasn’t a threat. Adding fuel to the unnecessary fire, Janeen told police that her grandma is the one that started the confrontation.


Is it just us or is Janeen too old to be starting drama with a 95-year old, in her own house! Where they do that at?


Luckily, Ms. Reynolds only spent one night in jail and was released shortly after. At least Janeen knows that grandma aint nothin’ to mess with.


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