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Trump’s use of the former first lady’s 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech during the 2016 Republican National Convention was straight disrespectful. Stealing Obama’s ideas made Black people wish that they still had a real one in the White House.

Fast forward to now, Melania Trump’s new “Be Best” initiative is coming across as some watered-down version of one of Obama’s programs. The first lady announced her program Monday to tackle bullying, drugs and other “major issues facing children today,” NBC News reported. Wait, doesn’t this move already sound similar to one of Michelle Obama’s calling for solutions to address cyberbullying?

Fix it, please.

Melania T’s initiative sounds nice in theory, but her announcement is raising eyebrows for a few reasons. Here are some of them:

It Took Hella Long For Melania To Declare Her Focus As a First Lady

Her husband took office in January of last year, and now, Melania has actually picked her “big major” in the “college” of The White House. Was she perhaps undecided for so long because of her man’s busy schedule of turning the clock back on Obama-era progress, fighting a porn star and oh, dividing the country with racist comments?

The Plagiarized Playbook Has Already Been Put On The Table

The internet is talking: The “Be Best” brochure is strikingly similar to a  Federal Trade Commission cyberbullying pamphlet published in January 2014. Some of the language used as part of the “new” initiative was already introduced in the pamphlet during the Obama administration, The Hill reported.

Her Initiative Seems Like Some BS Given That Trump Has Bullied Folks

It’s no secret that Trump has taken to Twitter to intimidate many people including LaVar BallNFL players and more.

Her Initiative Can’t Fly Because Trump’s Administration Has Hurt Children

Trump wants Congress to cut roughly $7 billion from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to fix deficits caused by tax cuts, Think Progress reported. Let’s not forget that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to end DACA in a major move that would split apart immigrant families.


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