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If you haven’t heard of Boston Dynamics (BD) by now, you better wake up and smell the coffee.

The company behind some of the most jaw-dropping technology is paving the way for robots, and soon humans will have to decide our place as a, shall I say, less inclined species.


Just yesterday BD released a video of their robot Atlas having a nice jog on a lovely spring morning.


Oh, and just in case you missed it, Atlas can do backflips too.


Can you do a backflip???


Along with all the human-like motor functions robots are gaining, top that with artificial intelligence like Siri and human facial expressions like Sophia the robot, and you basically have your next jogging buddy.


Don’t act like Siri isn’t already mastering the art of shade and clapbacks.

Soon, robots will become so sophisticated they’ll have their own culture, complete with music and hot new dance trends.


Terms like “doing the robot” will be seen as cultural appropriation, and the bots will pump out their own leaders with Patagonia vests and Twitter hashtags.


And for all the “bad seeds” in the bunch, an all out war could pop off complete with “Autobots” and transformer cars.


But maybe I’m getting a little too ahead of myself.

They could just be trying to live their life.


Only time will tell.

But for whatever’s coming, one thing is for certain…

You better be ready.

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