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An Ohio man gave new meaning to the term firing range when he ended up with gunshot wounds after he turned on his oven, forgetting that he’d stored a revolver inside for safe keeping.

Robin Garlock shoved the weapon in the broiler pan when his girlfriend told him that kids were coming over to visit, and totally spaced on that after the house was child-free again. A couple of days later, they decided to do some baking and tried to pre-heat the oven, which caused the gun to go off and send several bullets into the kitchen — at least one of which went into the 44-year-old Garlock.

The detective sent to investigate confirmed that the gun looked like it had been in a fire, and said, “The first time for me in 30 years of police work — shot by an appliance. The oven initially tried to blame the refrigerator.” (Youngstown Vindicator)

Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS