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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives is another mean girl initiation ritual. Basically, Jackie has been trying to integrate OG into the group, which has been rocky thus far. We start the episode with Malaysia, OG and Jackie shopping, despite the fact that the former two have some tension between them. Malaysia even makes snippy comments about OG’s style. However, Malaya also agreed to get to know OG as per Jackie’s request. Mmmkay. You know frenemyships are strong with these women.


Fast forward to Malaysia, Evelyn and OG actually meeting up for drinks. OG is definitely over-the-top, which is clear from the way she dresses. In this situation, she’s wearing what looks like a bronze silk dress with a deep plunging neckline, which leaves her wide open for catty commentary. Evelyn, in her confessional, rips her to shreds about having a bad weave and lopsided breasts but remains silent during the meet up as OG and Malaysia discuss the misunderstanding they had. It doesn’t really matter what happened, you know it’s the usual, “You came at me wrong,” blah blah blah. They clear up nothing and in fact, create more tension, and OG leaves after they trade insults about each other’s terrible wigs.



Speaking of wigs, Malaysia decided to have a wig party to get everyone together in the name of faux unity. And everyone definitely shows up. This means that Evelyn, Tami, and Jackie are in the same room once again, but that’s surprisingly what we need to worry about.

Jackie gets the bright idea to suggest that OG pull Malaysia aside to chat. OG attempts to apologize for her part in any snippiness that was said. Malaysia, being the petty bird she is, just plays smug before seemingly putting it past her. She even bought OG a wig, but it was a shady gift because she had long been saying that OG’s original wig game was trash. Again, frenemyships are strong with this group.


And then OG and Kristen go at it because they don’t get along either and have some spillover beef from OG’s party.


Surprisingly they get past their drama and agree to coexist peacefully despite not rocking with each other. Then Jennifer calls Cece out for starting the drama between OG and Kristen. Cece says she has some nerve calling her out given the fact that she participated in the happy endings rumor about her. Cece is too chill and sane for this group. Jen is corny and has a lot to prove so she tries to take advantage of Cece’s perceived weakness by feigning like she’s extra hardcore all of a sudden. So, in response to Cece, Jen starts getting rowdy and calling her dumb and doing her best to seem like she’s about that life. Meanwhile, all any of us watching this can think is, “Try this with Tami, Malaysia, Evelyn, or Jackie, though.”


Anyway, Cece finally has enough and storms out.


Kristen follows Cece and tells her to stand up for herself. Cece says that leaving is her way of standing up for herself. Basically, all these women understand is yelling and fisticuffs so Kristen tries to rile Cece up enough to go off on Jen. That’s not Cece’s style, and that’s okay, but we do see that she ends up confronting Jen in next week’s episode and still tries to be classy about it while Jen continues this fake bully routine. It’s so trite. Cece is actually a nurse and has a business so it might be best for her to leave these 40 and 50 plus-year-old teenagers alone.


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