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If you’ve been on Instagram today (or even yesterday) then you’ve no doubt seen this Nike “ad” posted. One offering such prizes as 3 pairs of shoes from Nike’s 2018 summer line as well as clothing and accessories from their summer line. And that you have to tag @nike.recruiters in the caption and be following the account.

Well Nike heads, I’m afraid to tell you — ISSA SCAM.

Not a scam of the take your credit card information variety or anything but the kind of scam and ruse that will make you look foolish. Let’s debunk this real quick.

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1. No Nike recruitment ad is going to be posted via an Instagram account that doesn’t even exist.

2. Normally, any Nike giant brand release would come with a PR statement or something to the effect. There hasn’t been anything from Nike about this. Not even a whisper.

3. Nike, unlike other apparel lines don’t do things for the summer while in the middle of the summer nor do they announces “lines” like a fashion boutique would. Sorry, Nike isn’t doing Fashion Week, guys.

4. 5,000 recruits who have at least 250 follows is literally a large segment of Instagram and the concept of “influence” and “branding” is usually attached to those who have thousands, if not tens of thousands of follows. Sorry guys!

Another rumor and myth proven false, thanks to a little common sense.

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