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The investigation will continue, despite the presence of the arrest caught on video that has now gone viral.


ARCATA, Cali. —  Ever heard of Humboldt State University? You will now!  The small northern California campus is getting all sorts of unwanted attention after a traffic stop quickly went sideways.

This is part of an exchange between a university cop and Samantha Alonso Luna, the young woman she was arresting.

Luna:  “Why are you being so rude?”

University police officer:  “You’re the one who’s being rude.”

Luna:  “How am I being rude?”

University police officer:  “Seriously? You’re about two seconds from going to jail for public intoxication. Do you not understand that? So I would stop talking if I were you.”

Officer Janelle Jackson and her partner were patrolling to enforce underage drinking laws when they saw someone hanging out through an open sunroof.

“It’s a dangerous situation,” University Police Chief Donn Peterson said. “So that’s what drew their attention. And when they conducted a traffic stop based upon that, it did appear that several of the occupants of the vehicle were intoxicated and underage.”

Luna says she’s 20, but there was confusion about her actual ID.

Luna:  Samantha Luna is my last name.”

Officer Jackson:  “What’s on your license?”

Luna:  “Alonso Luna.”

Officer Jackson: “And that’s what you should have told me.”

Luna: “My last name is Luna. You know what? My dad isn’t my actual dad.”

Officer Jackson: “Get out of the car.”

Luna: “No I’m not getting out of the car. No I’m not.”

Officer Jackson: “You’re going to jail.”

Luna: “What the f***!”

Officer Jackson:  “You are going to jail.”

Luna: “Get it on video! Get it on video! Get it on video!”

Officer Jackson: “You’re going to jail. You don’t get to resist.”

Luna: “I told you my license number you crazy f****** b****!”

Car passenger:  “Sam, stop resisting!”

Officers: “Stop resisting!”

Luna is charged with giving a false ID, public intoxication and battery on a peace officer. She’s also threatening legal action.



Article Courtesy of KIAH-TV Houston

First Picture Courtesy of Kzenon and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Anthony Wallace and Getty Images

First through Fifth Video Courtesy of Samantha Luna and Facebook

California Woman Gets Arrested During Confrontation with Police  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com