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LeBron James has finally decided what city deserves his talents the most, and that city is Los Angeles.  According to sources, LeBron picked LA for more reasons than just to win another NBA Finals. He wants to be a mogul.

LeBron has already produced a host of shows like, Survivors Remorse, The Wall, and Cleveland Hustlers. Now, with him taking his talents to movie land, we expect that roster of shows & movies to grow exponentially.

So if LeBron could produce 5 movies in Hollywood what would they be? Check out choices below….

1. The Allen Iverson Movie 

Allen Iverson is one of the best players to ever play the game, but his story is even more inspiring. LeBron could show the A.I. crossover with camera angles we’ve never seen!


2. Bad Boys 3

We’ve been waiting for this movie for like centuries. Maybe with LeBron’s chops and bankroll, we could finally get Will and Martin back on the screen together again.  He could even team up with Kobe!!! (Mike & Marcus BFF’s Forever)


3 A Clockwork Orange Remake Starring Drake

This is the role built for Drake. Partnered with LeBron’s bankroll, I’m calling Oscar for this one.


4. X Men & Avengers Crossover

I might be jumping the gun on this one, but the idea of LeBron bringing together two of the most iconic comic book teams might be just as amazing as him resurrecting the Lakers entire basketball organization. I’m absolutely here for this!


5. King James: LeBron James The Movie

Who doesn’t want to see the story of LeBron played by Michael B Jordan standing on a box. From his days in Akron all the way till his transition as a Laker, this movie would be what Uncle Drew always wanted to be.

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