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Eviction/Forclosed Home

Source: John Moore / Getty

One eviction notice at a Memphis, Tennessee apartment complex is pissing people off across the Internet.

Imagine coming home to find this on your door…

“Rent was due on the 1st of the month not whenever.”

Oh aight!


Many folks couldn’t deal that they used such a petty emoji to get the eviction point across.

“It’s antagonizing,” Deadrick Flemming told WREG Memphis. “I feel like it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s a shameful situation for someone that is trying their best to make ends meet.”

Comedian Kevin Fredericks even posted about it, expressing what many people were thinking…


The notice has since been taken down, according to neighbors, and the targeted residents have moved out.

Ironically, many people in the apartment complex are refusing to pay rent because the complex hasn’t made certain repairs. “They are quick to put you out, and slow to fix stuff,” one renter told WREG Memphis.

In response, Chasity Blackburn, the senior director at the complex, said, “If they call us, the typical turnaround time is four days. That’s a none emergency.”

Of course, there were still folks who were like — you need to pay your rent no matter what.

“I mean, pay your bills and you won’t get it. That’s the bottom line,” one Marcise Taylor said.


But they ain’t have to use the emoji though!

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