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Tonight’s episode of Power is called, Happy Birthday, but the real title should be, Everyone is Screwed. We start with opens with Tommy and Sammy shook because Vincent called a meeting. Teresi shows up too. Basically, Vincent is pissed because he knows that Tommy lied to him about catching the people who killed his goons and gives Tommy a chance to come clean. Tommy admits he lied after first trying to clean it up and Vincent tells them could have helped them handle it if they hadn’t lied and now it’s time for punishment. Sammy and Tommy are brought to their knees and Vincent tells Teresi that he’s responsible for them so he has to pick one to shoot. Teresi tries to talk Vincent out of it but the only other option is that all three of them die. Teresi points to Sammy, his best friend, apologizes, and then pulls the trigger but there’s no bullet in there. Issa mind game.

Freaked out much?


Sammy is madder at Tommy than he is Teresi. Obviously, whatever alliance Tommy thought he was forging with the Italians is donezo.

Angela tells Tamika that Mak and Saxe reactivated the GPS they had on Egan’s car from the St. Patrick trial and demands she say something because this is obviously unethical. Tamika later informs the latter two that Angela knows about the tracker and that if she doesn’t get some solid information by the end of the week then she’ll pull the plug on the operation. Then, Donovan informs Tamika that Angela pulled the plug on Detective Rodriguez’s investigation into Ray Ray’s murder and that pique’s Tamika’s interest.


Tamika eventually informs Angela that she knew about Mak and Saxe’s investigation and that she’ll have them turn the tracker off. However, she asks Angie about the status of the Ray Ray case. You know, just to let her know that she’s woke. Angela apologizes for the secrecy and that’s that for now.

Tommy informs Kanan and Ghost what happened with the Italians. They also talk about the attempted hit that Kanan’s boys botched but they don’t know it was Kanana’s boys so Kanan still looks like the hero. Actually, Kanan leads them to believe it was Dre’s people. Tommy feels like he has to make it up to Teresi because he chose him over his best friend, but that was game on Teresi’s part. Tommy thinks killing Dre asap is the solution, but Ghost informs them that it would look suspect since Dre is the face of the Child Development Project. We know the reason isn’t always Tommy’s strong suit, but hopefully, it’s obvious in this case that killing Dre would definitely come back on them easily. Duh! Look at the homeland security agent debacle.


Meanwhile, Kanan has enlisted the help of a crackhead (played by Kendrick Lamar) to start assassinating Taino’s. Basically, Kanan has the crackhead run a distraction then pulls up and starts licking shots. There’s definitely a major plan here but hold that thought.


Saxe and Mak tell Teresi that they need something more concrete on Tommy and St. Patrick than what he’s given them, since they’re running out of time, and Teresi says he’ll deliver them both up on a silver platter. Because snakes gon’ snake.


Angela calls Proctor and asks for a favor and that if he does what she needs then she can help him become a lawyer again. Later on we find Angela rolling up on Tommy, who just so happens to be with Proctor. Angela tells him she has evidence that he’s a distributor for the Jimenez cartel. Proctor points out that she’s bluffing but she says she has proof then she shows him the tracker. Angela says he can get immunity if he works with her. You know Tommy doesn’t like the idea of snitching but that deal is probably going to come in handy. He doesn’t give her an answer right away though but his back is against the wall so what can he really do?

Ghost thinks he has the perfect plan to get Dre off the Queens Child Project due to a nondisclosure agreement that Dre signed back when he worked at Truth. It seems to work at first and it also gets Dre fired from his current club, the Jimenez joint but Councilman Tate has the final say and he reinstates Andre. Let’s cut to another charity event with lots of donors, including Simon Stern who’s back to stir up some ish. Simon is still a snake, but he tells James to cool his jets because they’ll get him. Emphasis on the word they.

While James is gallivanting for charity, the rest of the fam is celebrating Tariq’s birthday. It’s his first birthday without Raina. Tommy gifts Tariq with a car and takes him for a ride. Tommy cuts to the chase and tells Tariq that he knows Tariq told Dre about their set up. Tariq admits it was him. Tommy is livid and tells Tariq that because of this, he almost got killed in a drive-by and that he’s in deep ish with some scary people and that he’s probably going to get got or end up in prison. Tariq strikes again. Smh. Anyway, Tariq wants to know why he wants Dre dead. Tommy explains that Dre stole his business, tried to kill Kanan, killed his friend, the priest, sent Tariq into a shootout, etc. Bottom line is, Tariq knew Dre was the enemy and still did what he did. However, Tariq still thinks he did the right thing.


Now we’re back at the St. Patrick residence. Tasha, moved out, but she’s only there for the celebration. Even Terry Silver is there, which is good because the NYPD shows up and busts up the fun. They claim they got a break in the case and they want to get her gun to cross check it in their database. Lordt.

Tasha says her gun was stolen and that she reported it missing with the NYPD. Rodriguez checks that out and her story checks out. Now Terry is looking confused because he watched Tasha put the gun in the safe that night and knows she just lied to the police. He wants the truth. Tasha maintains that she killed Ray Ray. Terry thinks she’s still covering for James. He tells her that either she’s a victim of James or an accomplice, Tariq is lurking outside listening to this conversation because that’s what he does. Later on, things get worse as Tariq opens his cake and it says, “Happy Birthday Raina.” Tasha’s mom annoyingly points out the obvious, about the cake being wrong and Tasha snaps. Once the party winds down, Tariq tells Tasha that he wants to help and that she should let him confess. Tasha tells him that the decision is made and that if he really wants to help her then he’ll say the f–k out the way. Then Tariq asks Tasha if she wishes it was him that died instead of Raina and Tasha walks off without answering.



Back at the fundraiser, James gets drunk which prompts Tate to go off on him. Tate calls him unworthy and really just berates tf out of him. James snaps and tries to strangle him. Can you blame him? He’s tired of the bs. Simon yells James’ name to snap out of it but now everyone is looking at him like:


I mean, the man did just lose his daughter!

Anyway, back to Cristobal and Dre. Cristobal tells Dre about the Taino hits (those are Cristobal’s soldiers). Basically, it’s open season because the Jimenez are out of the game for now since the block is hot. Dre suspects Tommy and Ghost, but Cristobal thinks it’s an inside job. Dre tells Cristobal to handle it and that’s that. Kanan sure knows how to sew seeds of discord.

James comes home drunk and presents a gift to Tariq. Tariq is salty. They get into it and Tariq calls James a liar. Then he tells James that he only thinks about himself and that Tommy and Kanan feel the same way. James lunges at Tariq and Tasha tells to leave and not to come back until they’re gone. That way, Tariq can go back to school and she can go back to her hotel, Terry’s house, or wherever she was.

Teresi and Tommy are back together. Tommy wants to know if he can get back in good with the Italians. Teresi says it’s over. They washed their hands of all of them. Teresi says he’s pissed that he did 25 years without snitching and they’re treating him like this. Plus, they didn’t take care of Connie even though he had tons of information on all of them. Tommy is kind of shaken up because his dad is talking about how he should have ratted, so he calls him out on it. Then Teresi says something profound given the circumstances, “ A rat is only a rat if he rats on someone he’s loyal to.”

Tommy is just looking like…


Tommy pays Angela a visit and she’s shook that he knows where she lives. Obviously, Tommy has his ways of getting the information he needs (aka stalking). Tommy says they have a mutual problem (and we can all assume that this is code for Teresi) and that maybe he can help her help him. Angela offers Tommy complete walk if he tells her everything he knows about the Jimenez cartel. Tommy denies the deal but he demands the tracker, you know, federal property. Angela gives it to him but it’s probably more because she’s scared.

James goes to see a preacher and confesses some of his sins. That preacher gives him some good advice and encourages him to look at his choices. Then he asks what would Raina want him to do. James says Raina would want him to be a better man.

The episode ends with him at Angela’s house. And in case you’re wondering, they’ve been getting it on again since the last episode.


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