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Usher accuser Laura Helm is back in the news again. After dropping a previous case, she’s trying her luck again.

The initial lawsuit was over the singer allegedly giving her herpes. He responded that she assumed the risk by sleeping with him unprotected. She ended up dropping the case voluntarily for undisclosed reasons.

Now, The Blast reports that she’s suing him for suggesting that she may have already had an STD that he believes she could have contracted from a previous partner. The singer denied any wrongdoing and tried to stick Laura with the legal bills.

New legal documents call this latest tactic on Usher’s part “a shallow attempt to divert responsibility.” (TheBlast)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • He didn’t just ruin her life — he tried to ruin her reputation, too.
  • When you’re an individual fighting a big star or corporation, you quickly realize just how uneven the match-up is.
  • Guess he thinks she should just “Let It Burn.”
  • Man up, Usher. Just do what’s right and keep it moving.
  • In hindsight, wonder if they wished they just offered up a fat settlement in the beginning and kept it moving.
  • They’re likely banking on the fact that Helm doesn’t have the time, energy or inclination to spend the next couple years of her life going to and from a court for a trial, appeals, etc.
  • This is slutshaming, plain and simple. The lawyer actually had the nerve to call out Helm for not carrying protection on her.
Don Juan Fasho

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