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An African-American female officer received plenty of praise on social media for how she handled a suspect who repeatedly yelled a racial slur at her.

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A video shows the man, handcuffed and surrounded by New York City cops, barking “N–er” at the officer during an arrest on Wednesday, as she does her best to ignore the suspect. When another officer interrupted the racist rant, the man yelled “f—you” to that offer and continued screaming the racist slur. He yelled the N-word more than 50 times in the one-minute video clip.

“Note: No gun drawn. No blood on the pavement. No taser. No gunshot wounds. No coroner’s report. She handled it like a pro,” Twitter user Peter Corless said.

The suspect was identified as 51-year-old Ilya Freyman, according to the New York Daily News. Officers arrested him at a Brooklyn gas station after he reportedly punched an attendant booth at the station, breaking the glass. He was arrested for criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. The police also charged him with harassment for his racist rant.

Another Twitter user noted that the officer recognized that the Freyman was probably mentally ill or under the influence. “That Sista knows what it is. She saw that man was sick & did her duty as a peace officer & Queen. I just wish u had posted her info instead of his,” tweeter user @hairweave wrote.

Other social media users kept it real. “In her mind she is thinking I wish I could smash his face in! At least that’s what I would be thinking! God bless this woman!” wrote @ITMFS_NOW.


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