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Lil Duval is a character. The comedian has been around for a minute but ever since the explosion of “Smile,” his Midnight Star sampled track with Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy, he’s blown up in a whole new way.

The comedian stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show to discuss the impact of “Smile,” how the song came about, avoiding beef, opening for Beyonce and Jay-Z, parenting, how he’s not giving up comedy, the time finding nudes pictures in his mom’s drawer and more!

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On opening for Beyonce & Jay-Z

“What’s so crazy is, if I couldn’t get a private jet, I wouldn’t have done the Beyonce & Jay-Z cause I’m a loyal person and Houston has always showed me love from day one. So I would have done this over the Beyonce thing. But I found a plane that would get me there in time. I paid for the plane! I didn’t make no money doing this but I knew I had to do this. I just felt … it’s in my nature. Loyal sometimes works against me. I didn’t get no look from hosting the party, I did it cause I just got love from Houston!”

On avoiding beef:

“I stay in my lane! I think what you’re seeing now is what comedians always did on the road. It’s a competitive sport. I don’t hang with nobody, I stay in my own world! Why do I care? That’s they stuff, they’ll figure it out. It’s like seeing two people fighting and you jump in and then they become friends again.”

On Oprah singing “Smile“:

“A bunch of people sent it to me and finally I looked at it and watched it all the way through and I said, ‘Oh snap!’ She was actually harmonizing! She actually knows me, I’m on her radar. I thought the way my comedy was, she wouldn’t even come my way. I already had it in my mind that I’d never be invited on Oprah show but I heard she real as hell!”

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