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New York prosecutors are calling out a police detective for his controversial actions in the sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein.

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With the nation’s eyes on Weinstein’s case, prosecutors said Det. Nicholas DiGaudio convinced one of the women who alleged sexual assault against the disgraced Hollywood producer to delete sensitive material from her cell phone. DiGaudio allegedly coached the woman to expunge important information from her mobile before she gave it to prosecutors, they said in a letter to Weinstein’s lawyers made public on Wednesday (Oct. 17). The phone may have contained potential material gathered during the time that the woman interacted with Weinstein.

This is the second allegation against DiGaudio, who prosecutors also said was guilty of witness coaching which led to a part of the case being dismissed last week, The Associated Press reported.

Lucia Evans, one of the women with a claim against Weinstein, was involved in the segment of the case which was dismissed last week. DiGaudio, one of two investigators who escorted Weinstein into court after his May arrest, told a witness to be quiet about doubts whether Evans’ alleged sexual encounter with Weinstein was consensual, prosecutors said.

Expectingly, Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein’s lawyer, vehemently denied prosecutors’ statements. It’s unclear what will be done about addressing the alleged misconduct pertaining to Weinstein, who was initially charged in New York with attacking three women. After the part of the case involved Evans was dismissed, Weinstein faces three charges for alleged rape in 2013 and two for allegedly performing a forcible sex act on a different woman in 2006. He has pleaded not guilty.

Weinstein’s case has drawn comparisons to Bill Cosby‘s case, which led to the disgraced actor’s conviction and sentencing last month. Weinstein was reportedly fired from his company and went to a rehab facility for sexual addiction. Lawyers for Cosby cited that racial discrimination played a role in Cosby’s prosecution. Social media users have said that White men like Trump and Weinstein have yet to receive significant punishment for sexual assault acts connected to them. Statistics have shown how racial bias has influenced trial outcomes for Black defendants.

It’s clear that many people want all offenders, regardless of race, to be held accountable for assault.


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