This is the best thing ever!


Who doesn’t bacon (if you are vegan don’t ruin this for us who do)? Well of the bacon lovers on Ohio State University will be geeked to know there is a new vending machine where you can buy it!

Where is it? It is located in the Animal Science Building At the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. You can buy and eat all the bacon you want for just $1!

Don’t sleep on this blessing because you only have until Dec. 13th (that sucks). Though we can’t enough this forever, the proceeds will go towards the university’s the meat science program.

“The Bacon Vending Machine is a unique and fun way for the Ohio Pork Council to support Ohio State students and promote the pork industry at the same time,” said President-Elect Dave Shoup, Ohio Pork Council.

Source: 10TV

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