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DMX is coming home today (Friday).

The Ruff Ryders rapper went to jail in January of last year on a bail violation, after previously pleading guilty to tax evasion in November 2017. And at 9 a.m. today, he’ll be a free man. Technically, X is getting out a couple days early — his scheduled release date was this Sunday, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons releases inmates on the weekday before their release date if the date falls on a weekend.

According to his lawyer, X plans to get into a studio and record new music as soon as possible. He’s also looking to restart his acting career and fielding offers for book deals and bio-pics based on his life. Attorney Murray Richman says the rapper “looks greatly s very happy, and overall, is doing remarkably well.”

The 48-year-old rapper will remain under supervised release for three years. (Vulture)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Three years of probation? Give me a break. Just let the guy live his life.
  • Welcome home, X!
  • Good to see he’s going to hit the ground running. After being cooped up for a year, he’s probably itching to get back to the studio.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — X has the potential to have one of the greatest redemption stories in all of music. If he can just keep things together post-release.
  • I’m taking bets on how long it’ll be until X pops up on stage.
Don Juan Fasho

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