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This can’t be good. Thousands of Ohioan’s personal information have been exposed because the state made a huge mistake.  Letters were sent by the state to those who qualify for unclaimed funds, but the letters were sent to the wrong people, according to

Tax forms and calculator

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About a third of them included personal information including social security numbers, according to the state. According to a Department of Commerce news release, “Due to a processing error, approximately 9,000 consumers were mailed forms that were inaccurate. “Inaccurate information may include, amount of interest paid and Personal information.”

The Superintendent of the Division of Unclaimed Funds Akil Hardy said, “”We’re moving quickly to address this issue and to ensure consumers have an accurate 1099 for tax purposes. I encourage consumers to contact us to find out if the form they currently have is accurate and learn how to dispose of inaccurate forms. We are working diligently to issue corrected forms where necessary and should complete that process by the end of next week.”

In an effort to curb any identity fraud, some affected consumers are being offered one year of identity theft protection at no charge. Those consumers will receive a letter with information about these services and how to enroll.

Click here to read the release from the Department of Commerce.

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