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Businesswoman donates blood on her lunch hour

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Have you ever heard of  “Young Blood Transfusions?” If you are trying to turn back the hands of time then this may be the thing for you. Let me explain, young blood transfusion is when they take the blood of young people and have it transfused into your own body in an effort to cure an age-related disease.

HIV blood samples

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It seems to be the new trend but, now the (FDA) is warning against the so-called “vampire treatments.” The FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says, “Today, we’re alerting consumers and health care providers that treatments using plasma from young donors have not gone through the rigorous testing that the FDA normally requires in order to confirm the therapeutic benefit of a product and to ensure its safety. As a result, the reported uses of these products should not be assumed to be safe or effective. We strongly discourage consumers from pursuing this therapy outside of clinical trials under appropriate institutional review board and regulatory oversight.”

Some clinics offering up the service, usually at a high cost, claim it treats everything from Alzheimer’s disease to multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Would you try this treatment?

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