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This week, the real was separated from the problematic in the social media world, and only the strong survived.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook?

Peep which platforms lost big this week below, then hit the next page to find out which community took home a W thanks to an impromptu campaign.


Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook can’t seem to get it together.

Once again, users around the world were left twiddling their thumbs when Facebook and its sister app Instagram went down.

Any miscellaneous thoughts, profound proclamations or Red Table Talk revelations were put on pause because “something went wrong” on Facebook. According to CBS News, the site was having issues around 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday and things didn’t get resolved until a little after midnight the next day.

People were naturally mad and of course, they made the mass migration to a site that never seems to fail…



When Facebook and Instagram finally got back up, folks were counting their blessings.


But of course, some influencers like @blameitonkway still had some post-traumatic resentment.


Sadly, this was the third big FB blackout in five months.

Let’s not have this trending again please Facebook….

For the sake of humanity.

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