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"US" Jordan Peele Movie

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Jordan Peele is back with his second film entitled “Us” and I’m convinced he is either crazy or has a twisted mind.  Peele described in interviews before the movie’s release that the film was inspired by Ddoppelgänger anthologies and his fascination with them.  He also stated the movie dealt with the concept that we are our own worst enemy and it’s a truth that most tend to burry.

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If you’re still questioning whether you should go see this movie, allow us to count down the top five reasons why you should go see “Us” by Jordan Peele.  And don’t worry no spoilers here, we want you to be shook like we were.



The Music!  Peele immediately caught hip hop enthusiast attention with the trailer when the trailer dropped and portraying the song “I Got Five One It” by The Luinz.  The trailer showed a “remixed” chopped and screwed version but, you’ll hear this song again in the movie.  Throughout the film, you’ll hear good music like “F&#@ The Police” by N.W.A, “Les Fleurs” by Minnie Ripperton, Janelle Monáe’s “I Like That” and more.



We may be wrong but we think this is the first leading black cast in a horror movie since 1992 when Candyman dropped.  Unless of course, you count Jordan Peele’s first film “Get Out”.  Some people consider “Get Out” a thriller and not a horror film but regardless, there aren’t a lot of horror films with a leading black cast.  Typically black people are the first to be killed in a horror film, but we won’t tell you if that’s true or not in this movie.  Remember we said no spoilers.

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