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A growing number of people want the popular vote to overturn the Electoral College.

Erica Campbell at "When We All Vote" Rally

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It is a growing discussion in politics: does my vote really count? Many question this because currently members of the powerful Electoral College to deliver their votes to whichever candidate wins the most votes nationally, rather than the popular vote.

In the 2016 election Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote 65,845,063 to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s 62,980,160 but Trump won the Electoral College votes making him president.


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A quick history lesson about the Electoral College. It was established in 1787 as a compromised for the southern states for they had fewer numbers compare to the northern states at the time. This was during the time of slavery when slaves were not allowed to vote but made up most of the population. The Electoral College “gave each state has a number of electoral votes roughly proportioned to population and the candidate who wins the majority of votes wins the election.”

Under the new proposal, “electoral votes would be delivered to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote under a proposal making its way toward the state’s fall ballot.”

The popular vote winner has lost 5 times in U.S. history (1824: Andrew Jackson, 1876: Samuel J. Tilden, 1888: Grover Cleveland, 2000: Al Gore, 2016: Hillary Clinton).

Source: 10TV, PBS

Ohio Proposing To Honor Popular Vote In Elections  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com