Just want to give all these kids a hug!

I love this story of some of our babies at Gorsuch West Elementary trying to help some students pay off any balances owed for school lunches. The students behind the after-school program goal were to raise $350 to put towards the balance their classmates owe.

“Well, our estimate for several people, not for like everyone, but some, is about $350 to pay at least half of it,” said fifth-grader Mia Lee.

How they plan to meet their goal? The students hosted a bake sale and reached out to City Council members. The students involve call themselves the “cupcake warriors.”

Principal Terri Garrett says with about 580 students, the lunch debt is around $6,700. She explains that many students are on free or reduced lunches. Even if a student has a balance they will never be denied lunch.

We are really proud of these students stepping up to help their classmates.

Source: 10TV

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