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How do you make a movie set in Egypt that includes no actors of color? Well, 20th Century Fox found a way to do it and now one movie goer, who’s tired of the white-washing in Hollywood, is clapping back.

The film studio tapped English director Ridley Scott to bring the Bibical story of Moses to the big screen once again,but instead of assembling a more ethnic cast, the roster for “Exodus: Gods And Kings” is almost completely white. Even though the movie won’t be out until December, a man named Adidas Wilson is urging movie lovers to boycott the film now because it is historically inaccurate.

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“People must know real history and not European lies, Wilson wrote in the introduction to his request on “Please do not support fake history.”

The petition calls out the studio and the “Exodus” director for this oversight. “The Bible says both Egyptians and Ethiopians are descendants of Ham,” Adidas wrote. “Remember, Egypt wasn’t invaded by Rome until 300 BC. Egypt is in Africa not Europe.”

A trailer for the film was released last month, featuring  Christian Bale as Moses, Sigourney Weaver as his adopted mother mother Tuya, and the role of  Rhamses will be played by Joel Edgerton.


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This isn’t the latest film to suffer a severe case of white washing. According to The Huffington Post, the James Brown biopic “Get On Up” was entirely white behind-the-scenes as none of the producers, writers or director were black.

As of Friday night, the petition had 417 supporters, who all echoed his sentiments. Some even added their belief that the casting choices are part of a much larger agenda.

“I’m signing this because it goes against the true depiction of Egyptians in Africa and that the Black actors in the movie are only subjected to play slaves, thieves and criminal,” Arnette Dunn of Los Angeles wrote. “It’s once again setting the white supremacy agenda to make whites feel superior to blacks. Enough is Enough.”


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