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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives finds us still in San Diego. Evelyn and Jennifer are finally friends again, but more beef lurks elsewhere, of course. Malaysia is annoyed that Evelyn and Jenn made up because she still doesn’t rock with Jenn. She didn’t think Evelyn would go for it, but she did so now Malaysia feels like she’s the only person left who hasn’t been fooled by Jenn. Other people in the group think it’s time to get Malaysia and Jenn together to talk, other people is Jackie. However, if you recall,  we last left Malaysia and Jenn’s relationship in shambles after Malaysia threw a table at Jenn because she felt like Jenn tried to use her to spread malicious rumors about Evelyn and her daughter. Forgiveness from Malaysia probably isn’t happening any time soon but she does plan to apologize to Jenn for throwing a table at her. 

In other news, CeCe is preparing for her upcoming wedding, but Byron and his kids (including Kristen) still aren’t on the same page. There’s a chance that they might not show up to his wedding. However, Malaysia and Kristen still feel like they can work things out and be a happy family. We’ll see. 

It’s dinner time now the ponderosa begins. Everyone feels the need to tell OG how wrong she was for spilling the tea about Kristen’s husband and talking smack about her man, yatta yatta. Now, OG was wrong for volunteering that information. However, OG brought up a good point when she mentioned that Kristen said lots of nasty things about her and her relationship. In OG’s mind, they were at a war of words and now they’re even. This isn’t enough for the rest of these hyenas. They harp on OG being wrong and really think she should apologize to Kristen. Mind you, no one is saying anything to Kristen, who definitely isn’t innocent. Once again, OG makes a good point, which is that if Kristen doesn’t talk about her nasty then she won’t talk nasty about Kristen. 

Feby jumps into the mix and asks everyone to go downstairs to watch her new video. As everyone heads down, Jenn pulls OG aside and shows her a video of Feby talking smack about her, and then mentions how Feby told them she wrote a diss track about OG. Jenn is being messy, but she’s actually not wrong here. She just doesn’t want OG to be blindsided. 

OG wastes no time going straight to Feby to see what’s up. She asks Feby directly if she wrote a diss track about her. Feby completely punks out. She was all talk when she was telling Evelyn, Shaunie, and Malaysia, verbatim, that she wrote a diss track about OG. However, she tells OG that she just said she wrote some rhymes about people who wear fake clothes. Everyone who heard Feby say what she said is looking at Feby sideways but none of them really call her out on it. OG then tells Feby that she could deliver those Nigerian fists of fury and kill her with her bare hands but has decided to keep it cute. Now, if you’ve been watching this show for multiple seasons you know dang well there has been a lot of aggression. Nothing should be that surprising, but apparently, OG’s comment is enough to shock everyone. Like, they’re literally all pretending to be appalled by OG’s commentary. 

Shaunie even says that OG’s “aggression” is driving a wedge between her and everything else. So, all the times Tami attempted to beat the breaks off someone, all the time Evelyn has run across tables and also attempted to beat the breaks off someone, Jackie has actually fought and attempted to fight, Malaysia threw a dang table at Jenn, but OG, who has actually never attempted violence, simply speaking about violence while defending herself, is scaring them? 

Yeah, okay. What’s the difference between OG and all of the aforementioned women? Complexion. People in these Twitter streets, self-included, think this is colorism at play. Debate your mother!

Anyway, here’s what the Tweets are saying:

Anyway, Feby’s punk arse continues to lie to OG and talk circles around the situation so this is uneventful, but they do show Feby’s video and OG is even classy enough to stay and watch it. 

It’s aight. She’s not the next hip-hop it girl, though. 

Now we’re back in San Diego. Cece and Byron meet up with OG for dinner. OG wants to clarify the things Malaysia said about CeCe and Byon feeding OG info to use as ammo, and whether they’re using her or not. Byron and Cece deny this, of course. Byron said OG has always been cool, and so has her man and that the drama isn’t his style. He just wants to move on. He then says that his conversation with Malaysia was about trying to repair the family. Mind you, Byron never said what Malaysia said he said, but OG wants to know where the ammunition stuff is coming from and asks directly. Byron said he never said that. OG is cool with his answer and that’s that for now. 

Byron and CeCe are coming across as really fake, but whatever. OG wouldn’t be in this situation if she had just minded her business, but I digress.

Things will get worse in the upcoming episodes. There’s going to be another trip to Costa Rica, there will be more rumors started, some lie detector tests about who started what rumor and the old Jackie is definitely going to make an appearance too. 


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