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Source: Sanerica Davis / Sanerica Davis

This is interesting! Research has consistently shown that lesbians are diagnosed with breast cancer more than other women and they are at greater risk for cancer due to certain stereotypical behaviors, stigma, and socioeconomic status.

Houston LGBT Pride Celebration

Source: Sanerica Davis / Sanerica Davis

According to the National LGBT Cancer Network, these behaviors include:

Smoking – according to some studies, more lesbians smoke regular tobacco cigarettes than heterosexual women

Alcohol consumption – lesbians as a group consume more alcohol, and are heavy regular drinkers, compared to heterosexual women, according to researchers

Bodyweight – 60% of lesbians are, on average, obese or tend to weigh more than other women of the same age and height

Pregnancy and breastfeeding – lesbians can’t breed with other women, therefore they don’t lactate or breastfeed as often as heterosexual women. Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce breast cancer risk. Even bisexual women who can breed (naturally or via IVF) are less likely to become pregnant and have children before they are 30 years old. Research shows getting pregnant before age 30 reduces cancer risk.

Cancer screening

Studies have consistently shown that a lower percentage of lesbians have mammograms, pap smears, and colonoscopies compared to other women.

Socioeconomic status

On average, lesbians tend to earn a lower income than other women. As a result, lesbians are less likely to have insurance coverage.

According to, the result is that a higher percentage of lesbians are diagnosed with cancer at later stages of the disease – when it is much harder to treat.

Wow! Have you ever heard of these statistics before?

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