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Let’s get ready to rumble! Timothée Chalamet stars in a new battle for the crown movie called The King that is hitting Netflix later this month. Based on the Shakespeare play we see Timothée as King Henry V bicker and combat with his father for making England fight his unjust battles only to reluctantly take the crown once his father becomes ill. After that, a series of events happen that send the new King back to the battlefield to fight for his life.

I had the opportunity to fly to New York City to sit down with the Oscar-nominated actor and the film’s director David Michôd to talk about The King. Chalamet broke down his process for rehearsing his loud monologues. “I just try to get the words down. I think it’s the kind of thing on the day, but I’m lucky enough to have done a lot of theater. I think I knew to do that speech in a hotel room but it was never going to be an authentic experience of the day of having 300 guys in front of you and trying to rile them up.” Timothee goes on to explain that he never yelled his dramatic war cry monologue prior to filming the scene. Then he shares a funny story about how all the extras in that scene didn’t understand English so they had no clue what he was actually saying.

David who not only directed this film but also co-wrote it, broke down how they used a more modern language than the Shakespeare play while still keeping stellar wordplay for the actors, but the highlight of the entire interview was hearing Timothée Chalamet break down New York slang in order to describe The King on Netflix.

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