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Last week my girl Lizzo showed her ass (literally) on Beyoncé’s internet and people lost their minds. First, there were fat girls like myself who were like, “yes sis do that ish,’ then there were those who thought she was out of pocket and doing the most. The truth is most of the people who thought she was doing the most were hating solely because she is fat.


It is damn near 2020 and there are still so many double standards and ignorance lingering among us. While society’s standards have a way of infiltrating all of our lives, I think that women (especially fat women) are expected to dumb things down and live according to society’s standards more than any other group. There are still people gauging how lady-like women are based on how vocal they are, how they dress and let’s not forget… their body count.

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Since fat women/girls are more loud, proud and visible, society has been forced to loosen their grasp. However, there are still people including other fat women who want us to live silently in a box. This is why Lizzo showing her ass was met with so much shade. How dare Lizzo be so confident in her skin that she would expose herself in that manner. Never-mind the fact that you can’t stroll your IG timeline without seeing the a** and breasts of Instagram models. Oh and let’s not ignore the fact that artists like Meg Thee Stallion and Cardi B are celebrated daily for showing skin, twerking and talking their ish.

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Even now, with plus size women being the majority, the world is still shocked by Lizzo and other bold unapologetic fat girls who live above society’s standards. It’s as if we are great until we challenge what society says we should or shouldn’t be doing? People love Lizzo, she is currently the great fat hype; a curvy girl with vocals, bars and an abundance of confidence. However, fat girls aren’t supposed to love their bodies enough to flaunt what they have so in their eyes Lizzo is out of pocket.

In my opinion, every time a fat girl is bold enough to live out loud and do what she wants on her own terms, another fat girl gets the wings she needs to do her thang. So yeah, show up and show out sis because our girls need to see you and understand the joy and mental freedom attached to that self-love.


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