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Michelle Obama Discusses Her New Book "Becoming" With Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: Dia Dipasupil / Getty

It’s no secret that in the past 12 years, former First Lady Michelle Obama has established herself a fashion icon.

Yes, historically First Ladies have set a precedent for their style—just think Jackie O.— but our #ForeverFLOTUS took it to a whole other level. From her multiple Vogue covers to her stunning State Dinner gowns to her historic 2009 CFDA award, the lawyer from the South Side of Chicago transcended those who came before her and literally changed the game.

And as a Black woman watching this go down, it was an amazing thing to witness.

But we knew with the 2016 election, there would be change, but even when (and her husband former President Obama) left the White House in 2016, I was confident she would carry on her fashion tradition wherever she went.

But on December 20, 2018, when images hit on the Internet of the mother of two in these thigh-high Balenciaga boots at her Brooklyn “Becoming” book tour stop, we were SHOOKETH in ways we have never been shook before! At this moment, we knew that she was fly and sparkes (hence her rose gold Versace chain mail dress, but this right here? This right here?

These boots paired with this yellow silk wrap dress exceeded any expectations we ever had for her before.

Michelle Obama Discusses Her New Book "Becoming" With Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: Dia Dipasupil / Getty


I remember this moment in Black Fashion History like it happened yesterday. The morning after the event, I was woken up by a group chat from my college homies.

“Melania could never,” my girl D texted with a picture of Michelle rocking these boots.

She was right, Mrs. Trump, the former model, doesn’t even have the range. From her rocking such fashion gaffes such as stilettos on her way to hurricane-ravaged Texas, and that “I don’t really care. Do U? jacket” to visit migrant children, Melania really doesn’t have a clue.

While the haters, who have no problem with Melania’s expensive and lavish taste, had no issue criticizing Obama for opting for this pricey footwear, despite the fact that when she was in the White House she bought all the clothes with her OWN coins, it is what it is.

She’s grown and can do and wear whatever she wants. No longer confined by the rigidness or expectations of what a First Lady should wear, as a private citizen, she is living and dressing on her own terms. For herself.

“Now, I’m free to do whatever,” Mrs. Obama told Sarah Jessica Parker signaling that her boots were simply about personal preference, nothing more, nothing less.

“They were just really cute,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Those some nice boots!’”

Nice indeed.


Like my squad, folks also lost their minds as well:


Michelle is the baaadest. Dassit. Article over.


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