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A Quiet Place II

Source: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount Pictures

It’s going on two years since John Krasinski (Jim from The Office to many and Jack Ryan to few) took the horror genre by surprise with his “silent” film A Quiet Place. Though some were annoyed by, well, the quietness of the film, that very same soundless atmosphere led to it becoming a critical and commercial hit.

Needless to say fans began clamoring for a sequel to the film about a family creeping quietly through a post-apocalyptic country while sound-sensitive aliens look for their next meal, and come March they’ll be getting their wish.

In the first full trailer for A Quiet Place II, we’ll finally be getting flashback scenes to see how the alien invasion began (the original began a while after humanity came under attack) while picking up where things left off as Emily Blunt and her children continue down the road she and her now deceased hubby (Krasinski) began. This time around she and her children find that they’re not the only survivors left and though she hopes to help anyone she can she also learns that “the people that are left are not the kind of people worth saving.”

We guess they’ll have their own version of Negan (Walking Dead reference) running amuck out there or something.

Check out the trailer for A Quiet Place 2 below and let us know if you’ll be checking for this come March 2020.

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