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World renown celebrity relationship coach Tony Gaskins always gives great advice and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to separating fantasy from reality.

In his recent Facebook post Tony maps out the Most Common Mistakes Woman Make While Dating.

If you want something better then treat yourself better first! Stop going all out for a man you are just dating.

(via Hello Beautiful)

She cooks, cleans and has sex with him on command, remains faithful and loyal and even moves in with him. Tony made it a point to encourage women to stop praising boyfriends and to refrain from giving everything before a lifelong commitment has been promised.  “Why would a man work to have a woman if she is giving everything willingly with little effort being given to earn her,” Tony rhetorically asks to get the attention of his woman audience.

His advice to women who give too much too soon in a relationship is to “close your legs and open your mind to get to know a man before giving everything.”

Relationships: Tony Gaskins Reveals Most Common Mistakes Woman Make When Dating  was originally published on ksoul945.com

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