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During the summertime, NeNe Leakes asked a question on social media about what people would do if they found out their partner was having inappropriate conversations with a co-worker. That turned out to be her real-life situation at the time with her husband Gregg Leakes. This was revealed during NeNe’s new interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service, which for an hour and 16 minutes long, provides nonstop entertainment.


As for drama with Gregg, she said it all started when she opened up a boutique in Maryland. Gregg and another employee were responsible for finding people to work in it, and he also dealt with everything required, the technical side included, to get the store open. When they were hiring store managers, she felt like a specific candidate, a woman named Juanita, was Gregg’s type physically (he has a thing for women with short hair she claims). That’s as far as her thoughts went about the woman, though, who was eventually hired.

But when Juanita fell out with another co-worker whom she’d been close with, that’s when her interactions with Gregg were revealed. During an employee meeting to deal with employee friction, the scorned co-worker exposed Juanita by saying, “You know I know your secret.”

“He was like, ‘How about you and Mr. Gregg be Facetiming and talking?’” NeNe said. “I’m in a whole room with people like this and I’m standing up and I said, ‘Gregg who?’ I didn’t get out of character at all. I just sat there and I said, ‘Really?’”

Leakes didn’t believe the man was lying because the woman was shocked and didn’t have much to say in response.

“So I said, ‘Hold on one second, let me get my phone and call Gregg while we’re in the meeting.’”

In front of employees, who were blown away by the drama they were watching, she called Gregg and put him on speaker.

“‘You been talking to Juanita?’ And he said, ‘NO! I ain’t never talked to her! You’ve gotta be kidding me!’” she said. “I was like, ‘Okay, you have. Bye.’”

Juanita’s phone beeped soon after NeNe hung up with Gregg, and it was even more clear to her that he had been lying. Gregg would call back and admit that they had been communicating, but that was it. Either way, NeNe told Juanita, “You know what you need to do,” rightfully firing her from her position in the store.

When she and Gregg discussed things outside of the meeting, he kept swearing he and Juanita were just talking and never talked about sex. When she asked him why he did it, specifically with someone working with them, he said, “‘Because you weren’t here for me to talk to. I said, ‘That’s not cool.’ He said, ‘You weren’t there for me to talk to, so we were just talking because you were never available to talk to.”

NeNe proceeded to not speak with Gregg for a while after that.

“I stopped speaking to him,” she said. “I didn’t speak to him for a couple months in the house. I was like, let’s just go past each other. How dare you?”

Despite that issue, based on her conversation with Yee and the ladies, it seems that as long as Gregg doesn’t do anything with people close to her, NeNe doesn’t care what her husband does after their more than 20 years together.

“He can look at whatever he wants to look at,” she said of their relationship. “He is human, he has two eyes, there’s no reason he should walk around with blindfolds on. I’m not wearing any. He and I actually see a woman together and he’ll say, ‘She fine as hell.’ I say, ‘She is fine ain’t she? She got a nice a– body. And he [points in another direction] fine too! You don’t see him?””

Gregg even has female friends, including a woman named Glenda whom he vents to sometimes whom NeNe doesn’t know.

“I don’t give a damn who Glenda is,” she said.

Overall, their situation seems somewhat open. She is unbothered by whom he may be out there with when she is on the road filming Real Housewives of Atlanta or on a comedy tour.

“Gregg has took passes I ain’t even give his a–,” she said. “At this point, if he wanted to go I’m sure he would just go the hell on.”

He doesn’t want her out there, though.

“They don’t mind stepping out, but they don’t want you to do the same thing,” she said.

“I do what I want anyway. I don’t want to hear about what he’s doing,” she added. “I’m in New York, he’s in Georgia. I’ll leave here and go to D.C. and I’ll leave there and go the next city and he’s still out in Georgia, so whatever he’s doing, I don’t need to know about it.”

Nevertheless, they stay together because she says they truly still love one another, it can just be complicated.


“If Gregg wanted to go be with somebody right now I would say go right on. Why am I going to try and keep him from doing something that he wants to do?” she said. “Then I have to make a choice myself if I want to stay with him or not. And I probably would stay with him.”

“I really know he loves me, so if I really felt like he didn’t love me, I’d be like, it’s time for me to part,” she added. “But I know he loves me. I don’t believe he would do anything at this point, but if he did I would be fine. I’d pay him back, though.”

NeNe and Gregg have overcome a lot of relationship obstacles, that includes his Stage 3 colon cancer battle, which brought out a side of him that she struggled to deal with. They also divorced in 2011 only to reunite and marry again in 2013. They initially wed in 1997.

Last summer she declared on his birthday that she would love him forever.

“Ain’t nothing like the love of a Leo man! My life would be empty without you in it Gregg!” she wrote. “You have taught me that pleasing everyone is impossible but pleasing you is a MUST. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREGG! I LOVE YOU FOREVER.”

The couple has a son together named Brentt. He most recently turned 21, and to celebrate, Gregg took the young man to the strip club. NeNe, who was on the road for Brentt’s birthday, revealed that her plans were a little more low-key. She was going to give him a special dinner — no strippers involved.

NeNe is is grateful that her husband is feeling more like himself these days after recovering from Stage 3 cancer and that they’re in a good place. She told Extra recently that she’s partially to thank for that.

“Gregg looks good…Gregg looks amazing…I think I made him much younger,” she said. “As the years went on I think he got younger.”


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