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10/23/14 –

Dear Tom,

For 9 years and counting my mom has been helping the people of Camden without asking anything in return with a ministry she started called “Women On The Move”

  • she helps the homeless find shelter
  • she helps people do their resumes and find jobs
  • she takes the elderly shopping and to run errands
  • she goes to funerals and prays with mourning families
  • she counsels those in need help & gets help for them
  • she conducts health fairs and more

My mom puts her heart into what she does with very little money.  After a long day of giving, I’m surprised that she has anything left for us, but she does.

  • When my middle sister was in labor – my mom was right there by her side.
  • My little sister has chronic asthma & eczema so my mom takes her to & from her doctor’s appointments.
  • and she takes care of my disabled step dad Richard

My mom always has time to listen to us about anything and is always willing to help in any way she can.

Her ministry, “women on the move,” gets around in a 2003 ford expedition.  Her car is in great condition but it will soon need a brand new set of tires.

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