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The Carol’s Daughter brand will join L’Oréal USA’s long line up of beauty favorites that includes Clarisonic, Essie, Maybelline New York, NYX, and Urban Decay. But when news broke that the beauty giant would be acquiring Carol’s Daughter, Black Twitter went ham. Naturalistas all over the Internet voiced their disappointment about the business deal by accusing Lisa Price of “selling out to the man.” Well Lisa Price, owner and creator of Carol’s Daughter, has no regrets and is actually quite excited about the new venture.

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Beauty blogger, Christina Brown from caught up with Lisa and she revealed why she chose L’Oreal, what’s new for the Carol’s Daughter brand and if she’s bothered by the rumors.

On why Carol’s Daughter decided to join L’Oreal:

L’Oreal is the largest beauty company in the world. They have a really great roster of brands that they’ve acquired that I personally believe they’ve taken really great care of. Kiehl’s was a brand that I always looked to when I was a small company, as a brand that I admired.  From their sampling program to the way they wrote their information on their labels, there was just something about Kiehl’s – a simplicity and a friendliness. It’s a family owned brand with its own heritage, in existence for many years and you don’t feel that disconnect. ‘L’Oreal’ is a place I felt understood what I wanted to do and that would give my “baby” a good home.

On what will change about Carol’s Daughter?

There aren’t going to be any real changes. For me, it’s having access to information and data and people who do things on a global level that I currently don’t have access to. As far as the formulas are concerned, I tell people I’ve used my face creams and hair milk every day since the brand started. I’ve been using them for years! The last thing I want to do is change the formula of something that I’ve been using everyday myself for years. And it’s the last thing that L’Oreal wants to do. Carol’s Daughter is Carol’s Daughter. We own our formulas, we are still manufacturing the same way we always have. I think the knowledge and infrastructure changes that we’ll acquire with this move to L’Oreal are not even things that the customer will see or be affected by. It’s just going to make it easier for us to do business. Maybe in a couple of years, we’ll be a more global brand and be available in different countries. But formulas are not changing.

On if she thinks she “sold out”?

Honestly I think the customers that are loyal to us understand what’s going on and they’re more concerned with “ I hope you don’t change the products. I hope my favorite isn’t going away.” My message is clear – that we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been on this journey together and I want you to come along with me because I’m not going anywhere. People who have a more negative view – who are angry who are outraged. I’m not sure how many of them are actually our loyal customers. I’ve actually read some comments like “Well I never used your products anyway”. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I made choices and decisions that I thought was best for the brand. The brand still has my motyher’s name on it. I still feel a responsibility to her and to my family. So I’m not going to make a decision that I feel is compromising her name or my integrity. I’ve never been that person and I didn’t become that person on Monday.

Read the rest of the interview here.


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